Started making torture chamber

2010-11-16 08:31:59 by hfbvm

started it probably will complete phase 1 by today!

is making a collab

2010-11-15 04:29:37 by hfbvm

Okay so the Idea is we will be making a game where we torcher the gamer. There are only two means to do so:
1. By video
2. By audio

Well so i figured some ways we can torcher him:
1. The infamous multicolor flickering BG
2. High pitch sounds
3. Verbal Abuse
4. Disturbing Images
5. Disturbing Videos
6. Frustrating games ( like press this button 25 times, dont touch the tip of the mouse to the walls etc)
7. Repeating loops ( noob sticks fighting, ant carrying grain from farm to home coming out repeating etc.)

So the game is divided into 15 parts:
1. Preloader
2. the beginning credits
3. Warning
4. Menu Screen
5. Transition's for Phases
6. Phase 1 - Multi color BG with high pitch sound
7,8. Phase 2 - Disturbing images,Verbal abuse
9,10,11. Phase 3 - Frustating games , Loops , Disturbing movies
12. Medals
13. End credits
14,15. Some things may spring up here

We need to torcher the gamer so think about your fears etc. we will start as soon as possible will end before 31st November. Anyone can join . I am using Flash 8 so anything compatible with it will do. Action script V2. FPS is 25 . Size is 850 width 480 length ( sideline gallery, bottomline propeties actions and it will fit the screen neatly).Everything will be divided acc to the rank. that depends on the no of people involved. dont worry there will be minute differences.
Let your imagination roll. Best of luck!

PS: If i missed anything remind me. 8D
ANyone wishing to join can post here or PM me!

nearly done!

2010-11-12 12:11:05 by hfbvm

nearly finished my first submission for the troll physics collab!

new flash

2010-11-08 16:01:50 by hfbvm

creating EPIC movie!

making another game

2010-11-08 06:26:19 by hfbvm

SO i will be making another game :Torture Chamber: YOU will get torchered not some dummy! visually by sound etc..........

making a new game

2010-11-05 08:59:52 by hfbvm

tto much sweat for making this new game! hoping it will be featured on the front page! phew currently done with only page 1

I am currently developing a new movie in which chocolate man is introduced to the :the man: in the :the world:. Anyone interested can PM me!